What Watching My Son Play With Lego Taught Me About Building Websites…

What Watching My Son Play With Lego Taught Me About Building Websites…

Each and every day your websites and landing pages are engaged in a ruthless online beauty contest.

It takes your visitors less than 2 seconds to decide whether they want to stay on your site to read your content or not.

Combine this with page loading times, internet speeds, how professional your website looks and the first impression it leaves… is responsible for 99% of those decisions.

This may seem hugely unfair


But, the reality is that you may have Pulitzer Prize worthy content and a special offer that could sell no one would want to miss..

However, if you cannot get people to hang around long enough to read your content and contemplate your offer… then you’ll never make any profit.

Unless you are world class coder, designer and copy writer rolled into one body… building a page like that can be insanely difficult.

Most people will turn to one of the many site builders on the market to help them stay competitive, I know I have paid monthly fees to more sites than I can count.

But there are 3 big problems with all these site builders

​They are expensive: while those monthly payments may seem low to begin with, they quickly add up to several hundred dollars per year. The sites are also built to discourage you from cancelling your subscription, because your existing pages will stop working if you do.

They are complicated: too many options rarely create a pleasant user experience and the truth is that most of us just need to create great pages quickly for specific purposes – and instead you are forced to spend weeks and even months paying for nothing, while you try to figure out a piece of software that does stuff you’ll never even need.

They are not flexible: in most of the site builders on the market you have to use their templates and if you want to change the template slightly you are completely out of luck. That means you spend more time previewing their templates, hunting for one that fits your needs… than you actually do on building sites that will make you money!

I actually got inspired by my favorite childhood toy, Lego.



If you follow the blueprint in a box of Lego you will end up building something great that looks exactly as it does on the picture.

Most often I would mix all the blocks and use my imagination to build something else, and I can see that my son now does the same.

We wanted to make you a site builder that would offer you the same flexibility… Something that would allow you to follow a blueprint and template and easily get a predictably great looking result every time…

While at the same time allowing you to mix all the “blocks” and let you go into super creative mode whenever you wish to do so.

Furthermore… In order to combat the 3 problems I listed above, we wanted to build you something that was…

Affordable: with a low one time entry fee and NO recurring payments.

Flexible & Powerful: allowing you to easily get great result with minimal effort using our proven templates. And at the same time give you the flexibility to mix and match the blocks and do your own thing, without being locked into a rigid template.




– Full autoresponder integration with Aweber, GetResponse and many other providers.

– Build lead generating pages in seconds and have the subscribers added directly to your autoresponder of choice.

– Fully responsive and every single page you build will be fully functional and look great on all devices.

– Integrated with Gotowebinar so you can set up webinar registration pages in no time.

– Build squeeze pages, webinar pages, fully fledged websites (and everything in between).

– Easy and simple to use, everything is drag and drop and it.

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