Upload, Publish, Earn

Upload, Publish, Earn

Easily host, encode, publish and monetize any type of digital content you produce. You simply upload your files, insert embed code onto your site/blog and make money every time your files are viewed and ads are showed. It is complete file hosting, encoding, publishing and monetization solution.


Anybody who produces any type of digital content! If you are a professional photographer or designer, you can deliver your images with us.
Hanging Out At The BeachBlue Jay
beach-164288ford-64041 1920
Time For A Beerice-123097 1920
If you are music artist or producer, or make sample loops, you can host your audio with us. If you are in video production and make films, animations, how-to’s, tutorials you can host your video with us. If you are flash game developer, or into cartoon and animation making, you can host your flash movies with us. If you are in book publishing, you could have your ebooks, stories, articles and/or documents hosted with us. Even if you are a programmer or developer you can have your zip files, source codes, apps and/or software hosted with us. Possibilites are limitless 😉
beach-511082 1920Time For A Break
Modern Cool CarClose Up Of A Blue Jay
Chicken satay with ricecastle-valley-500241 1920
Anyone Got A Shovel I Could Borrow?Down At The Beach At Sunset



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