Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Explainer Video

If you want to create an amazing explainer video, you need to cover all of the fine points we mention below. There are plenty of tools and resources out there for you to get started, so start planning for your explainer video creation today.

The Elements of an Explainer Video

What makes an explainer video effective and appealing? Here are some important things that you should keep in mind when you want to create one:
Your explainer video should be engaging and digestible. Your video has to be engaging right from the start so that the viewers will be persuaded to watch it until the end.
An explainer video should work for everybody. An explainer video should provide verbal and visual cues for learning that appeals to every learning type: visual, bimodal and verbal.
It has to be a digestible and clear presentation. One of the most effective ways to effectively convey the value proposition of your business is to create a video that is clear and understandable.
Also, the message of the video should be direct to the point



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