Is Facebook trying to KICK YouTube off the Internet?

Is Facebook trying to KICK YouTube off the Internet?

Facebook marketing isn’t dying!

In fact Facebook marketing is taking off with video marketing and is becoming highly competitive with YouTube!

Just think when you are on FB how many videos do you see that are all set to auto-play on your timeline?

Everytime I login to FB instead of seeing status updates I see videos being shared non stop and going viral very fast!

This is because Facebook has 1.32 BILLION active users that login to their Facebook accounts on a daily basis! That is a GIGANTIC market to tap into.

I know you have heard about Facebook ads and probably have spent some money or even a ton of money with minimal results and probably are fed up with hearing the word Facebook associated with marketing period.

With Facebook Video Formula you will never have to worry about wasting hundreds of dollars on ads that result in you just paying for clicks and not making sales.

Facebook Video Formula shows you step by step on how to create simple 30 second videos and deploy them strategically…

The infiltrate people’s news feeds and go viral almost instantaneously while sending you traffic like you have never seen before!

With Facebook Video Formula they are literally providing you with a proven Facebook Video Marketing formula that will enable you to dominate, generate truly targeted traffic because if they watched your video and click to learn more that is a qualified lead!

No wasting money there! And you are building a huge targeted list at the exact same time!

Did you know that just between the months of May-June of this year videos on Facebook grew more than 50% and the trend is going up daily?!

Facebook wants to compete with YouTube and take over that market space to and you need to be there before every marketer jumps on board. Cash in now before it becomes saturated just like most traffic sources that are being emailed to you on a daily basis.

I am giving you a heads up on something that very few know about but is proven to work.

Want to see proof that Facebook Video Formula will enable you to generate TARGETED traffic of hungry buyers?

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