Basic Link Building Strategies for Your Niche Website

Basic Link Building Strategies for Your Niche Website

On one hand, some people feel like link building is so critical to a sites success; on the other, you have people that never do any linkbuilding and do really well with niche sites. I personally tend to be somewhere in the middle.

I don’t believe that link building is the most important activity you can be doing on your site. I think keyword research and creating great content is the most important activity. However, I do see the value in getting links as well…this is clearly a huge ranking factor in Google.

However, I’m a strong believer that your most valuable links are going to come naturally. I have several sites that I’ve never done a single outreach or link building “campaign” for that have thousands of links. So, it’s not that I don’t think links are important (they are)…I just don’t believe that it’s always necessary to personally put in the effort to get every single link. Lots of links will come on their own…if you do things right.

So, in our call, I tried to stress to Samara that aggressive link building is not needed. We are just going to do some things to make her site really easy to link to and get her content out into the web world. By doing some of these initial steps (setting up social media accounts, RSS, etc)…more eyeballs are more likely to see and link to her content.




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